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The Waiting Usurper asks questions about revenge, love, and our obligations to the dead.

Niah has made three promises to the dead. Avenge her ancestors’ murder. Reclaim the throne. And the last, placed on the prince’s bloody lips, is a promise he’ll always have her heart.

But Raen, the king’s bastard son, is back from exile and he wants everything that was his half-brother’s—including Niah. When they clash, they ignite a passion that threatens their commitment to the spirits haunting the castle and their dreams.

One wrong move and Niah’ll lose her daughter, the throne, and her chance at

Inspired by the destruction of Sodom, Asphodel Meadows is at times surreal and confronting as it considers forgiveness, guilt & missed connections.

Jamie Scott, a teenager with a god-complex, is your guide through a series of interconnecting first-person narratives.

You’ll meet Kath, recently divorced and sacked after an affair with a student; Paul, a writer who can’t write; Jamie’s abusive mother, the Fat Beast; Char, a sex worker and her clients; the strangely perfect Lott family; and Sam, the resident drug addict as they struggle with forgiveness, missed connections, and loneliness.

And if you’re lucky, Jamie will give you the best seat in the tower block for the final act.

The Family Care is a heartbreaking story of forbidden love that explores complex issues of self-esteem, identity, and the darker side of family life.

Milton used to be naïve and kind. A good sister. Life was simple. She knew who she was and all she wanted was to direct movies. Then she discovers her family have been lying to her & everything changes.

The truth doesn’t always set you free, especially when the family motto is don’t say anything—ever. Soon she has her own secrets and she’s spiralling out of control.

She used to rely on Cameron. Her prince. Her best friend. Her brother. But he’s pulling away and things between them are getting messy. Will he abandon her too?

This is a free companion story to The Waiting Usuper.

In Spark Niah meets Prince Aelius, her first love. See why they were drawn to each other and discover more about this shadowy figure from The Waiting Usurper.