A.M. Vivian

Even as a child A.M. Vivian was drawn to the tragic and darker side of human nature. The Spanish inquisition, historical diseases, and Jack the Ripper were early topics of interest. As she’s aged, she’s become fascinated by dying civilisations, gothic motifs, the Old Testament, and Jungian psychology. Intrigued by fellow loners and misfits, she likes to explore how and why we lie to ourselves. She’s been described as a cynical romantic.

In her spare time she can found soaking up the wails of a guitar at the front row of gigs or stumbling through dark city streets singing to herself and pretending she owns the night.

A.M. Vivian writes a blog called Publish or Die Trying where she showcases short stories and poetry, discusses mental health, and provides her musings on writing.

She also works as a beta reader at Walter’s Writing Emporium providing feedback on other writers’ manuscripts.

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Work In Progress

May 2023

It’s been a busy year so far. The companion to the Family Care continues to marinate & settle. I’m writing a new novel set in Victorian London. There’s a soldier struggling with guilt & landanum, & a female photographer desperate to have control over her life & choices.

My beta readers have given me feedback on my collection of short stories and poetry so I’ll revisit that manuscript this month. You can sign up here for updates and the chance to get an advance reader copy of this collection when it is available.

Work In Progress

September 2022

Where to start? There is a first draft of Ammi’s story marinating, a rewrite of a companion novel for The Family Care that’s being allowed to heal before I take the editing tools to it again, and an eclectic collection of short stories & poems that needs sorting into a pleasing order.

Mailing list

October 2021

I’ve now set up a mailing list (click any of the buttons on this page) so that people can get access to exclusive book related content, updates on new projects, sign up for the chance to act as advance readers, and other goodies. I’m working on that first newsletter now along with a free book.

Work in Progress

September 2021

The Family Care is now with my editor.

I can’t wait to have this novel out in the world. I’ve been working on it for over 20 years in one way or another.

Time to get on with writing the sequel. Wish me luck.